1. Keys in my Car

From the recording Keys In My Car

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Keys In My Car

I keep the keys in my car
Its painted Caribbean Blue
Sharks in the windows
On the hood there’s a parrot tattoo

Hammock for a back seat
And it’s big enough for two
There’s even tropical breezes, when the top is down
It’s just too good to be true.

I keep the keys in my car
I can’t get enough
Of that fun and the sun
And all that Parrothead stuff.
I keep the keys in my car
I keep the keys in my car

Palm trees on the dashboard
There’s even sand on the floor
Cheeseburgers grillin’
Just open the glove box door.

Cold Corona beer, and limes
Once we stop the car
The sign says OPEN, in the trunk
There’s a Tiki Bar.

Chorus, Lead

I keep the heat turned up
It’s always warm inside
Put our tank tops on and shorts
And go for a ride

Key West and the rest of the keys
Are not that, far away
When you’ve got your own tropical
Four wheel, hideaway

John J. Boyd © 2001