From the recording Keys In My Car

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Only The View Is Free Boyd/Bellaver


Let’s go boatin, some call it cruisin We do some drinkin, on the deep blue sea
We do some dancing, and lots of eatin’ Lets go boatin, only the view is free.

Verse 1
Got on a plane for old San Juan, Sent there by UPS
Didn’t get far, ended up in a bar – where the spirit it was the best.
Next stop Aruba you’d thought it was Cuba, by the way we were buyin cigars
After the shops, and the beaches No TOPS, we were back on the boat in the bars.

Verse 2
Have you seen my kids, they been out all night, seemed to be our each morning call
Did you see the rat? How much did you lose? – Hey Mon, Did we have a ball.
Auba, Curacao, just to name two, Where the Parrotheads they were in-sane
St. Marten & Thomas and lovely St. John, Now they’ll never ever be the same

Verse 3
A rum and a coke and a friend that will choke, when young passengers get outa hand
We’ll all have to work hard because of our Blue card, that has to be paid when we land.
RCL said we could come back for a price, and yes we could still sing with the band
But we’ll fore go the crusin and maintain the boozin, cause St Johns our new Promised Land.


Let’s go boatin, only the view is free…