From the recording Keys In My Car

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Friends and Faces by John J. Boyd

You gotta be a friend to have a friend, that’s what I’ve been told
A person that knows you better than yourself, is worth their weight in gold
A friend is there to pick you up, when you’re feeling blue
Through the good times and the bad, that’s what true friends really do


We’re all about
Friends and Faces and Far away places, it’s all in our lifetime we share
Some you know real well
Some you never forget
And some you just wish you were there

There’s faces I remember, it’s the names I don’t recall
Me & Captain Morgan, we really have a ball
Sometimes when I have too much fun, my steps I have to trace
Don’t know where, when or why, but I never forget a face



I’ve been to far away place’s if only in my mind
Islands with palm trees, are my favorite kind
From the far side of the world, to right here at home
To me it’s just a state of mind, I always have to roam