1. Amazing Larry

From the recording Keys In My Car

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Amazing Larry - J. Boyd

Mild mannered Husband
Been 20 years with the city
Got a great sense of humor
Some even say he’s witty

In cognito, who is he now?
He’s a Latin James Bond
From old Moscow

He could be Jimmy or Carmen
With a towel on his head
Hang on your balcony or be in your bed.


No one’s sure where he comes from
Maybe Europe, Brazil or even Uruguay
One thing’s for sure – Amazing Larry’s here to stay.

Always on a mission
That’s what some people say
If his wife doesn’t kill him
The paybacks will get him one day

Lover of women – especially in lace
Loves to dance with tape on his face
Culinary genius and wouldn’t you know,
He’s got a killer recipe for a mojito.

Travel is his passion
Takes time never to rest
Seen the world like no other
Likes Key West the best.

Loved by all – who could resist?
Every town he leaves – he’s sure to be missed
But be careful you never know – of his next scheme
It could be the Tiki Bar synchronized
Men’s swim team