From the recording Keys In My Car

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Just You and Me J. Boyd

I like Sunday Football
And I like hockey too!
One thing that I don’t like
Is when I’m not with you

You like nickel slot machines
And Lifetime on TV
The one thing that you don’t like
Is when you’re not with me

So why…don’t we
Head on down to the Keys
We’ll do whatever we please
Just you and me.

You like Margaritaville
And cheap red wine in a jug
The only thing that you don’t like
Is when I’m not there for a hug

I like playing music
Ice cold beer and a game
Only thing I know for sure
When you’re gone things aren’t the same


Bridge C-D-Em-Am-C-D
The time for us has come
We won’t tell anyone
Lets roll outa here
And have ourselves some fun