1. Last Call

From the recording Keys In My Car

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Last Call - Boyd/Bellaver

Drinkin, thinkin,
Cryin in my beer
This is the place – we called it off
Hell, I think that it was here.

It was a long time ago
Last Saturday night
Had my usual dozen beers
And you know I was feeling alright

She said I really love ya darlin’
But it can’t go on this way,
I said “Hey look the Pirates are playin”
Have you ever heard them play?

You’re drunk, you never listen
We don’t stand a chance
So I have two words for you
And they aren’t Let’s Dance!


Last Call, Last Call,
The two saddest word of all
Just when you’re getting it goin, and you’re havin a ball
Before you know it - Last Call

Half hour to go
Already 1:30
The girl at the bar
Was looking might pretty.

So, I decided to make my move
Being careful not to fall
Barmaid, give me two more drinks
Before you say – Last Call


She looked kinda familiar
Have we met before?
She slammed down her beer
And she headed right for the door.

As she turned and flipped me off
With the bar lights burnin bright
I could see why she was pissed
It was my girl from Saturday night!


If I had my way
She’d be taken me home
Instead I spend another,
Saturday night All alone

I’ll have one more for the road
And then I’ll settle my tab
Big tip for the staff
So they don’t go home mad
Barmaid make that Last Call for me
A big yellow cab.