From the recording Keys In My Car

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Last Flight Out - J. Boyd

Remember that night, when we met in Key West
Of all the trips you’ve taken, you said this one was the best
Laughed and talked for hours, we were meant to be, no doubt
Stay with me tonight, she said, so much for that last flight out


That was a long time ago
Seems like a lifetime or so
Now that I’m growing old
Fell that my story must be told

Only survivor of a fierce fire fight
Pinned down by VC, there was no relief in sight
Air Cav was overhead, could not show my whereabouts
For fear that they’d be ambushed, couldn’t risk the last flight out

Believe it or not, my life is based on a true story
It’s all about those who went before us, and fought for old glory
I am the aviator; I’ve done it all – just about
Living my dreams from long ago, it’s a shop called the last flight out